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Corfu Hotels Greece - Corfu Accommodation, Corfu Holidays (Kerkyra)

This website has been created for the one and only Corfu, one of the most magnificent islands in Greece that will carry you away!

It is a useful travel guide offering info about holiday accommodation in Corfu Hotels, as well as all the greatest spots to be visited on this amazing island!

Corfu (Korfu, Kerkyra) is unlike any other Greek Island, displaying a fusion of features originating from the Venetian, the French and the British culture, taking visitors on a trip to the past.

Corfu is located in the Ionian Island Cluster and is packed with stunning beaches, impressive archaeological, historical and religious sites, as well as nightlife, sport venues and elegant Corfu hotels, making it the ideal vacation spot for exciting holidays all year round!

Corfu  is a very well-loved vacation destination, celebrated for its cosmopolitan style and finesse.

The island has an extremely well-developed tourist infrastructure, providing visitors with a wide array of accommodations, including Corfu hotels, rooms, apartments, studios and villas, as well as Corfu Town hotels and other beautiful resorts all over the island.

Entertainment is one of the main attractions in Corfu, as it possesses a great deal of gourmet restaurants and traditional tavernas, as well as an abundance of clubs, bars and live music halls.

It is an island where there is something new to be seen in every corner.

If you opt for car hire in Corfu, you can explore charming villages, beautiful beaches and natural areas, and experience the genuine spirit of the island.

If your dream vacation spot is an island that combines relaxation and excitement, then Corfu is the ideal destination!