Consider these Alternatives when Building Your Foundation

The most important thing to know about foundation types is that you have a lot of options. Foundation piers, SIPs and skids are all viable alternatives to slabs—they just offer different benefits. Foundation Repair in McKinney company has experience with all of these types and can help you decide which one should you choose.

Foundation pier is great for areas with heavy equipment use because you don’t need to do any excavation work. Also, it’s easy to install piers around obstructions. On the other hand, if your home is in an area not prone to flooding or ground shifting, then slab might be a better option since it’s cheaper than some other types of foundations.

Foundation Repair in McKinney

SIPs are typically used in new construction because they require no maintenance and the homes with SIPs can be heated or cooled more efficiently (and cost less to do so). They’re also easier for builders to install than other foundation types, which means you’ll get your home faster. SIPs are not always practical though, and they might not be an appropriate choice if your home is in a floodplain or you live in an area with high winds.

Skid foundations are also used for new construction, but are sometimes employed to replace existing slabs when the soil’s groundwater table has risen too high beneath the slab for any other type of foundation to work properly. If you decide on skids, make sure that it can support your house—and remember that there will likely need to be some excavation involved before installing them.

However, skids aren’t suitable when there’s heavy equipment use nearby due to their lack of lateral support. And If you need a lot of space in your crawlspace (for storage perhaps), skids don’t offer much headroom either—they sit lower underneath the ground level than most foundations.