A Need for Help: Senior Care

Seniors in Need: The ABCs of Aging

Seniors in need of help have a lot to think about. Retirement is difficult for some seniors who are not ready or do not want to give up their independence. The initial stages of aging can be hard enough for those with children, but what happens when they get older and no family members are around? This article will talk about the ABCs of aging, and how you can help your loved one through this difficult time!

– ABCs of aging: this article will talk about the A, B, and C needs that can be life altering for seniors. These include food, housing, caregiving support (which is discussed in a separate section), and more!

– Food insecurity: One in four seniors living on their own are at risk for hunger or malnutrition given they may not have enough money to buy good quality food. This could lead to health problems like diabetes or obesity as well as depression. It might seem difficult but it’s important to stock up on affordable healthy groceries every week so your loved one has plenty of options throughout the month! You should also consider introducing them to grocery delivery services which make it easier than ever before. Plus you’ll get a chance to cook some amazing meals together while you’re at it! In case you need some extra help, you should read more about Aetna Medicare Supplement plans for 2021 which is phenomenal.

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– Rent: Housing insecurity is one of the most common problems that seniors face with nearly a million people living in unsafe and overcrowded homes. It’s important to remember that if your loved one has rented their home for decades, they may be eligible for Senior Rental Assistance Program (SRAP). If not, find out what other options are available like contacting HUD or community housing organizations about affordable rentals.

– Caregiving support: Another big need among our elderly population is caregiving support as many have been providing care to someone else all their lives without ever receiving any themselves.

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