Social Bookmarking: What is it and How Does It Work?

How To Use Social Bookmarking to Drive Traffic

No one knows for sure when the first social bookmarking site was created, but it is generally agreed that Delicious was one of the first. The idea behind social bookmarking sites is to compile “bookmarks” on a central website and categorize them according to different topics. Once you have bookmarked a webpage on your favorite social bookmarking site, you can then share that page with other members of the same network.

Social Bookmarking

The most common use for these networks is as an organizational tool – by logging into your account, you are able to access all of the webpages that you have saved over time and organize them in a way that makes sense for you. You might want to tag certain pages so they appear at the top of your list, or perhaps you want to create sub-categories within an existing tag (i.e., all of your bookmarks related to movies might be tagged with “Movies” and then further categorized under genres like drama, action/adventure etc).

Social bookmarking websites are also used as a way for website owners to find out which pages on their site are most popular – these sites typically allow users the option of leaving comments about each page that they save. When another user visits one of those saved pages, he will see not only the title but also any comments left by other members who have visited it in the past; this is a great way for webmasters to get feedback from visitors. Furthermore some social bookmarking services allow you to share your bookmarks with friends and family, which is a great way for webmasters to promote their work.

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